Traditions and Teachings

From the Jewish Tradition
“tsa’ar ba’alei chaym” - sympathy for life

From Taoist Teachings
1st Commandment “Thou shalt kill no living thing nor do injury to its life.”

From Mahayana Buddhist Teachings
“So long as living creatures suffer, there is no possibility of happiness for those who are full of compassion!”

From Buddhist Teachings

“Just as a mother would protect with her life her only son, so one should cultivate an unbounded mind towards all beings, and loving kindness towards all the world.”

The Hindu Texts -

“He who hates no living creature, who is affectionate and compassionate, who is without egotism and selfishness, who considers pain and pleasure equal, who is patient, contented, always humble, completely self-controlled and strongly determined, he who fixes his mind and reasons on me and loves me, he is dear to me.”

The Brahman Texts

“Even insects, snakes, butterflies, birds and plants reach heaven by virtue of asceticism.”

From the Commandments of the Kan-Ying-P’ien (Chinese Book of Rewards and Punishments)

“Have a merciful heart for all creatures. One should not hurt worms and insects and plants and trees.  He does wrong…who shoots birds, hunts animals, digs up the larvae of insects, frightens nesting birds…does not permit man and beast to rest.”

“If a man sees animals in need, he must take heed to help them and to preserve their lives.”

Heaven and earth give Life and Growth to all beings. Whenever you injure them, you do not comply with the kindness of heaven and earth.”