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I've known Donna for over two years and observed her compassion and love for animals. I have watched her change the behavior of her own rescued dogs to wonderful, well adjusted happy animals. I have seen how she interacts with all types of animals and Donna is truly dedicated to creating a better world for our beloved friends. I believe Donna can help our valued companions and owners alike in difficult times with her loving support.

  • Julia Wesley
  • The MAXIS Group

"Recently I was at my friend’s house for a dinner party. Her son came in from upper state New York near the location where the dam broke and flooded the area. He had just talked to his roommate who was forced to evacuate their house. FEMA would not allow the roommate to take the animals with him. He had to leave a dog and 2 cats on the second floor of the house (with plenty of food and water) while he went to a shelter. I told him about Donna and her animal ministry. I asked him if he would like me to give his animal names to Donna for prayer work. He was grateful and gave me the names of the animals and I passed them on to Donna. The animals are all now safe. Thank you for your prayers Donna. Another person at the party wanted Donna to pray for a dog with behavioral challenges. I passed this information on to Donna who prayed for the dog and gave me a web site to pass on to the dog owner. Thank you for the information and your prayers Donna."

  • Nancy Burns

I know Donna to be a person who cares deeply for people and their companions. When walking through the park, it's obvious that this same care is returned to her. Everyone knows her by name and their pets go to her for loving belly rubs and treats. Her backyard is an oasis for our feathered neighbors. I was delighted to learn she had accepted this ministry. It is without reservation and complete confidence that I recommend her to my clients.

  • Ivy Callahan
  • da dogs' mom pet care and services, llc

It is comforting to know that Donna Yuritic has given of her time and talent to Compassion for Critters to help not only our four-legged friends by making their transition easier but also giving compassion for the human aspect which I think is essential. Donna's natural ability to communicate with animals as well as human beings is very helpful when our animals are in the process of transitioning in death or are may be severely ill, etc. She is available to provide spiritual help to everyone involved with these processes. I highly recommend anyone to reach out to her in a time of distress with their pets.

  • Maria Brunner

Donna Yuritic was a wonderful support for me when I came face to face with putting my dog Murphy down. She was instrumental through parts of my grieving process. Her gentleness and skill with both people and pets is a treasure to behold! She has much affection for animals. I believe everyone should experience the pleasure, comfort, and ease when working with Donna.

  • Melissa Torodor