Mourning For Our Pets

Love cannot be proven by any scientific measure. Yet, it is more real than anything else in the universe. Love is what gives the rest of it meaning. The heart is boundless in its capacity to Love. It doesn’t differentiate between species and doesn’t care if the object of its affection has two feet, four feet, hooves, fur, or feathers. The heart simply Loves.

Nothing hurts more deeply than when love is taken from us. It is our greatest loss because it is the most important thing we receive and give in this world. When the beloved dies, the heart breaks, and we enter a vortex of grief. Sometimes, left to our own devices, we become trapped in that vortex either by clinging to our grief or suppressing it. If we do, we begin to deteriorate.

Journey Through Grief

Although it can be debilitating and feel devastating, grief is not a process of deterioration. It is the mending of a broken heart, and is absolutely:

Normal   Natural   Necessary

It is of the utmost importance to fully experience grief in a healthy way in order to heal properly. Below are the FIVE stages of grief, all perfectly normal. You will not necessarily experience them in order, or express them with the same intensity.
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Grief Can Transform Us

When we grieve, we take a powerful journey into the realm of compassion and caring. We feel not only our own sorrow, but unite in the suffering of the collective, which brings us together in ways that are beyond the finite boundaries that we normally experience.

Animals Grieve Too

Animals are acutely aware of their surroundings, and of the people and other animals in their lives. They grieve deeply and feel loss of every kind. They have a sense of belonging to a human family and although they understand death, it doesn’t stop their pain or sense of loss. Losing their home or loved ones can be as hard on them as it is when it happens to us.

Whales and dolphins die of grief and loss. A human child deeply feels the loss of her mother - a baby chimp may lie down and die.  If we are sensitive to animals, we will recognize their signs of grief. Like humans, animals receive comfort from and respond to love, touch, kindness, a gentle voice, understanding, patience and compassion.