Animal's Souls

Do Animals Have Souls?  Do Pets Go To Heaven?

The word "Animal" comes from the Latin word "Animus" which means "SOUL"

I believe that ALL living things have a soul and are living Spirit. Anyone who has known the love of an animal or has looked into the eyes of any animal, sees Life there,  sees Living Spirit,  sees an entity that feels and loves. Life is Living Spirit.

How could a creature that doesn’t have a soul teach us the highest form of Love – that which is unconditional? How souldog2could a creature without a soul offer us devotion of the highest order – an affection that does not measure us by our appearance, success, wealth, mood, or status – a commitment to us regardless of how many promises we have failed to keep. I have never known an animal to be critical. They are accepting in a way that we would hope and pray our human loved ones would be, and yet rarely do. How could a creature without a soul exhibit those qualities which we find not only noble, but by virtue, consider divine?

Our creatures bring DIVINE QUALITIES to our daily lives. They are Heaven sent and, in my opinion, to Heaven they return upon death. Such perfect examples of unbounded joy and pure, unconditional love without expectation can and does come from God.