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Welcome To Compassion for Creatures

A Ministry for Animals and their human families. Whether you love animals with paws, claws, hooves, fins or feet, your heart has been touched with their expression of unconditional love.

Even with a career as a tennis professional, writer and speaker, my passion has always been animals. I have had animal companions for a good portion of my life -- turtles, a rabbit, cats and dogs. Almost all were rescued from some type of shelter and every animal helped me to grow into the person I am today.

When our companions get sick unexpectedly (like my B.J., Ali Cat, Gizmo and Boomer Doggie) or when they require euthanasia after 15 and 19 years of age (like Lucky Dog and Meg) the loss is devastating. There are many decisions to be made and where do you turn? You may want to celebrate the life or create a memory of your friend but what are your options? Who can you speak with when others around you don't understand, think you're foolish, or tell you to "move on"?

homepagedogWhen the opportunity to become an animal chaplain presented itself in October 2005, my heart responded before my head. I knew it was my calling. What better way to express my gratitude for the animals in my past and to the four animals in my present: Desi, Cheyenne( rescue dogs), Kimmer and Zoey ( rescue cats). Nine months later upon completing Chaplaincy Studies, I am a certified Animal Chaplain creating a Ministry for Animals. ( There are less than 30 Animal Chaplains in the U.S.)

In addition to euthanasia and grief support, I also provide Adoption Blessings, Healing Blessings, Protection Blessings, New Birth Blessings & Behavioral Problem Resolution Blessings. I continue prayer work for the human family as they go through the grief process. Age appropriate services for children's pets are also available.
The type of service is up to you- Christian, Non- Christian, Traditional or Non -Traditional. You tell me what resonates with you. Although I still have a full time job in addition to being a Chaplain, I will make every effort to answer your call as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for visiting my site and do not hesitate to call on me. All of my services are performed for love offerings only.homepagecatIt is my personal belief that our pets are special dispensations sent directly to us from God's love to give us companions that show and teach us what unconditional love is.  They are sent to take care when our human loved ones abandon us.  They are sent to watch over us so we will be safe. They have been sent to provide us with comfort when no one else can comfort us. They have been sent to provide us with friendship when we have no one else to turn to. They have been sent to us for joy, and joy is a divine gift.

Many Blessings,


Donna Rae Yuritic With Her Beloved Dogs Desi & Cheyenne